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If you have income like LeBron James, you probably need an expensive tax professional. Otherwise, ezTaxReturn likely supports exactly what you need. Our program was designed for the vast majority of American taxpayers. ezTaxReturn supports the following forms and schedules.

Forms we support

  • Form 1040 - Individual income tax return
  • Form 1040A - Individual income tax return
  • Form 1040EZ - Individual income tax return
  • Form 1099-R - Distributions from Pensions, Annuities and IRAs
  • Form 2106: Employee Business Expenses limitations
  • Form 2441: Child and Dependent Care Expenses limitations
  • Form 3903: Moving Expense
  • Form 4137: Social Security and medicare tax on tip income
  • Form 4684: Casualty and Theft Losses limitations
  • Form 5329: Additional Tax on Qualified Plans limitations
  • Form 5405: Repayment of first-time homebuyer credit limitations
  • Form 5695: Residential Energy Credits limitations
  • Form 6251: Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Form 8283: Noncash charitable contributions limitations
  • Form 8812: Additional Child Tax Credit
  • Form 8829: Home Office Expense limitations
  • Form 8853: Archer MSAs
  • Form 8862: EIC After Disallowance
  • Form 8863: Education Credits
  • Form 8880: Retirement Savings Contributions Credit
  • Form 8888: Deposit of Refund into Multiple Accounts
  • Form 8889: Health Savings Accounts
  • Form 8910: Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit
  • Form 8917: Tuition and Fees Deduction
  • Form 8949: Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets
  • Form 8959: Additional Medicare Tax
  • Form 8960: Net Investment Income Tax
  • Form 8962: Premium Tax Credit for ACA
  • Form 8965: Health Coverage Exemptions
  • Form 9465: Installment Agreement Request
  • Form 982: Discharge of Indebtedness limitations
  • Form 1040X: Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

Schedules we support

  • Schedule A: Itemized Deductions
  • Schedule B: Interest and Ordinary Dividends limitations
  • Schedule C: Self-employment Income limitations
  • Schedule D: Capital Gains and Losses limitations
  • Schedule E: Real Estate Investment Property limitations
  • Schedule EIC: Earned Income Credit limitations
  • Schedule SE: Self-Employment Tax limitations

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